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Our plantable seed paper has been used for many and diverse purposes. Seeded paper can give real emphasis to your message and unparalleled strength to an environmental campaign. For example, imagine you want your customers to move to on-line statements - no better way than to send the request on a piece of our seeded paper!

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There are many ways plantable seed paper could tie in to your campaign, whether you are launching a special environmentally friendly product or telling your customers about financial growth – the possibilities for use are limited only by your imagination. To give you some inspiration and a few starters for a tag line, refer to inspiration for your campaign.

Branch out into new possibilities and sow the seeds of your future growth!

Seeded paper is a novel and powerful product. We recognise that to maintain the powerful impact for your organisation, it needs to be used for those special events and promotions where you want that extra impact. Perhaps this is the first time you have considered using plantable seed paper… or perhaps you have used it several times before. To help your ideas to flow, we have created a gallery of examples so that you can see how seed embedded paper has been used in the past – we hope there may be some examples that will inspire you.

Below is where you can view the gallery by types of organisation that have used our seeded paper. You can also view items according to

  • size (perhaps you want something that will fit in a business envelope) or
  • use (perhaps you have a product to launch or a media release to issue or thinking about a Christmas card)

When you view our seeded paper examples, remember, there is no standard size. We can supply your seed paper products in whatever size you would like. Just as normal machine made paper can be cut or die-cut to any size or shape, so too can our seeded paper.

There are a myriad of possible uses for our seeded paper, limited only by your imagination. This gallery is meant to provide some ideas and inspiration… but it is not exhaustive, so do not feel constrained by the ideas that others have had! And remember, almost any organization can benefit from the unique qualities of our seeded paper.

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