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Paper-Go-Round – Using techniques of the past to ensure the planet has a future


Paper-Go-Round started in the mid 1980’s – our aim was to change the world to one based on environmental sustainability. Whilst we recognise there is still a fair way to go on that front, our other aims are still strong motivators in the business today… to encourage and participate in paper recycling and to supply products that can be used for powerful environmental messages.

Our original desire to ‘do it’ not just ‘talk about it’ resulted in a business focused on the whole circle of paper recycling…  collecting waste paper, making paper, supplying paper making kits and teaching the skills of paper making.

Our larger view of sustainability permeates the business at all levels. This means our customers can have confidence that using our products and services results in a minimal environmental footprint.

  • We recycle all our paper & cardboard waste.
  • We also recycle our own waste from printer cartridges & wrappers, rigid and flexible plastic, metal, IT waste, food & drink containers…etc
  • We compost food waste
  • Our vehicles are fully carbon offset (with Greenfleet Australia)
  • Diesel vehicles use Biodiesel
  • Our packing materials are recycled/re-used
  • We only buy recycled office stationery
  • All the paper we make is 100% recycled, produced from only waste paper (& seeds)
  • We print with water or vegetable based inks
  • We predominantly use seeds of Australian native trees and flowers. They are appropriate for the climate and are not dependent on large quantities of water (such as many northern hemisphere flowers).
  • Our paper making sets are made from plantation timber and further protected by an environmentally friendly oil
  • Any unwanted or waste items which might have a broader community or school use, we donate to Reverse Garbage (refer Resources)