BackInspiration for Your Campaign

Since the late 1990’s, Paper-Go-Round has supplied its Australian-made seeded paper to organisations for promoting their products and services. 

Ranging from financial services (grow your investments) to horticultural and farm supplies; from food manufacture to paint production; from energy companies to building developers... most corporations have at least one product or service that would be an ideal partner for the 'wow' factor of a seeded paper promotion. Some link to the strong environmental angle of the seeded paper whilst others use the novelty of herb or veggie seeds.

There are a great many ways that seeded paper can be linked to your product or service. Here are a few ideas to help sow the seeds of inspiration…

Grow your agricultural business with this brochure

Watch me grow


And just like this card, your next project will grow

We're creating the park Now it's your turn

The "Seeds of Grace" Appeal

Grow your career with TNT

Sowing the seeds for our future

Here's an offer that will grow on you




The Epping line is branching out

Grow Local - Act Global


















  • Growing forwards
  • Seedlings Greetings
  • Hoe Hoe Hoe
  • Plant One On Us
  • Exseeding Expectations
  • What you say grows
  • Food for thought
  • Grow your ideas
  • Planting the seeds of the future
  • Sowing the seeds of change
  • Plant me and watch me grow
  • We're sprouting something new
  • Watch me grow
  • Growing with the community
  • We're planting the seed of community action
  • Grow with us
  • Plant me and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Sowing the seeds for a sustainable future
  • Plant this seeded paper and sow your own seeds of peace!
  • Our aim is to achieve long term sustainable growth for our members
  • Grow your business with…
  • Plant a seed for your future
  • Branch out
  • Grow your investment


…or some specific ideas…

Fundraising – people can sow their support

Personal empowerment & climate change – What you say grows

Business consultancy – Sow the seeds of your future growth

...the list could be never we'll leave room for your imagination to work!...