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Seeded Paper

    read it...                               plant it...                              watch it grow

What is Seeded Paper

Paper-Go-Round is Australia’s source of seeded paper. Seeded Paper is also known as plantable paper, seed paper, seed embedded paper… but whatever term is used, it describes our wonderful paper with embedded seeds – plant the paper to grow the seeds! All made in Australia

How Seeded Paper can improve your next printed promotion

Seeded paper is a great product that can add significant impact to a promotion or provide delightful charm to a corporate invitation or announcement… and all the time getting responses of “wow!” – just the response everybody wants for their promotion! And, of course, it doesn’t end there because as soon as the “wow” happens, that means your message gets read – a great way to have real impact. Then it gets kept and remembered… impact and retention and all with a strong environmental message… the perfect promotion or direct mail!

We make it here in Australia

We typically use seeds of Australian natives to give a strong association with Australia and the environment. But if you want something else… we have paper with vegetable seeds, herb seeds and can even make to order.



We are the manufacturer of the plantable seed paper. We make the seeded paper at our facility in Sydney and print it for you. So if you want a direct mail item printed on seeded paper, that is the finished product that we deliver. It’s easy for you and no hassle… and it is also environmentally friendly and 100% recycled (apart from the seeds!).




Allow your business to blossom

There are many ways it could tie in to your campaign, whether you are launching a special environmentally friendly product or telling your customers about financial growth – the possibilities for use are limited only by your imagination. To give you some inspiration and a few starters for a tag line, refer to inspiration for your campaign.

Branch out into new possibilities and sow the seeds of your future growth.

Some inspiration - See the Gallery

Seeded paper is a novel and powerful product. We recognise that to maintain the powerful impact for your organisation, it needs to be used for those special events and promotions where you want that extra impact. Perhaps this is the first time you have considered using plantable seed paper… or perhaps you have used it several times before. To help your ideas to flow, we have created a gallery of examples so that you can see how seed embedded paper has been used in the past – we hope there may be some examples that will inspire you.

You can view the gallery by

  • size (perhaps you want something that will fit in a business envelope)
  • use (perhaps you have a product to launch or a media release to issue or thinking about a Christmas card), or
  • type of business (perhaps you’d like to see how similar organisations have used seeded paper).

If you know what you are looking for, no need to scan the gallery… contact us directly to request a quote or ask a question.

Custom Made Paper

Paper-Go-Round is a unique manufacturer of specialist papers.

As well as seeded paper, we produce exclusive handmade papers.

Each sheet is individually crafted and made according to an age-old technique using traditional methods which can give the added interest of a deckle edge on all sides or even all round whatever the shape!

A unique and special product offering a range of creative possibilities for made-to-order paper…

Uses have ranged from Cointreau Ball invitations to luxurious wax-sealed packages to attract the very wealthy to the personalised services of a major bank.

Ask about some custom made paper now.